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breanneHello there,

My name is Breanne Smith. I live in beautiful Oregon and love it here. I have  3 gorgeous children with my wonderful husband of 14 years. A few of my hobbies are scrap-booking, crocheting, hiking and running. In January 2013 I was introduced to Take Shape for Life by a friend as a means to lose some weight.

Let me give you a little background. I have struggled with my weight as soon as I hit puberty at about age 13. Over the last 21 years I have gained weight, lost weight, exercised, gained weight and on and on it goes. I have never felt self confident and have always been self conscience about my weight. This past January I was so frustrated and finally reached out to a friend of mine who has four kids and has managed to lose weight and be healthy and look fabulous. I wanted to know how she did it. Turns out, she is a health coach with Take Shape for Life.

I joined her team of people looking for optimal health in life. Since the beginning of my journey, I have lost 51 pounds and I am excited to actually know that I will reach my goal weight! I am thrilled to know that I have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle and not allow my weight to hold me back from being the best mother, wife and friend I can be.

So, this brings me to my own exciting adventure. I have decided to be a health coach too! I am a firm believer in the Take Shape for Life program and I want to help others become healthy so they can reach their potential.  If you are looking to be healthy and fit and would like some more information, I would love to talk with you.

Contact me here.

Here to cheer you on!

-Breanne Smith (Coach Breanne)

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